I’m back!

I created my account year 2012.  And yes five years now.  I am ready to comeback and I try my best to be updated again.

A lot of things happened to me,  and that’s the reason why I’m hiding here for the past years. I encountered problem with my health, my work at the same time some personal issues. But thanks God, he is good all the time, during my difficulties I know and I felt that his always with me.

I am ready and excited for the coming days.

Happy  and Blessed Monday everyone.


My microwave cake

My homemade microwave cake

Cool Saturday, I craved last night with the chocolate cake at Red Ribbon. Since I am alone I don’t want to buy for me, instead I make my own version of microwave chocolate cake. Sorry the appearance is not really good but I love the taste the sweetness. There’s no harm in trying.

My first time to make my own cake and I hope by second time around I make my cake perfect. Lol.

Let us enjoy our Saturday.

Unforgettable Date

Unforgettable Date…

Today 6th January  this date is unforgettable and memorable to me. Me and my husband joined our hands together and  we  exchange vows and “YES OR  I WILL” answered as we received the sacrament of marriage. Yes 6th January 1998 our wedding day and supposed to be today is our 18th wedding anniversary. Lol.

Will the story behind this marriage is……

I can say I am not lucky to my marriage but happily separated for 14 years.  After marriage we live together as husband and wife only for four years. That’s all lol.

 I know we have different lives now, He continue his life with his second family and me and our daughter were both happy too.

Sometimes it is better to separate than to sacrifice both of us. If we live together but we always have argument everyday that is not really good and it’s unfair to both of us.

Happy Birthday Niece

5th day of January 2016. Today is my niece birthday. I feel sorry with you my darling  Lyka and you grow into a young lady that your not with your mother. I know how difficult life you experienced while growing up without mother, but you never give up, besides you have a very strong faith with our Lord Jesus Christ.  As you and your sister join in a Charismatic group at your young age I really admire both of you.

And of course I still thank you and I salute your Tatay (father) to his dedication and very supportive father to both of you and you sister Nica.

Happy Happy birthday Lyka, as I always tell you I try all my best to help you in any ways. Trust God and never give up everything will be okay anak as my promised to you. Be patience and we love you. Happy sweet 16th birthday anak.



Monday back to work

Yepeey, Monday back to work as office girl.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, how was your Christmas and New Year? Where you guys spend your holidays? Any news? What is your NYResolution? What you missed last year? What do you want to happen this year? I know this are the first conversation in the office, chit chat first before we start our own work and this is normal happen in our office lol.

Will before end of last year, I make sure I finished my backlog so that I am fresh today New Year no pressure and I can relax. I want to focus to business development group. My goal is to find a good location for possible new store and to those open minded person a business man who wants to join us as our franchisee. I need to work out on this. More store to open more blessings to receive.

Go ahead let us start our day with good vibes, and enjoy our life in the office.

Happy Monday to all….