there’s always next time

Its already new year, as part of my new years wishes is to enroll in yoga class or to start  my  diet program. So last monday is my first day of diet but sad to say that in my second day  yesterday I break my diet program  because of the managers meeting  I cannot stop myself not to eat healthy food again. Really bad theres always next time. I guess i need totally strict myself to start my diet and no more excuses and no more next time. 

Have a blessed wednesday to all.


Sign Of Cross – Keeping in touch with God

Sometimes I feel like a little guilt when it comes to prayer. I wish I can prayed or better. I know through prayers is the way to prompting of the Holy Spirit to deepen my relationship to God.

And we can take a way to find God even in our busiest day, we can pray while doing the house chores, working in the office and cleaning outside the house.

I can say PRAYERS is like a marriage, A healthy and successful marriage needs and is nourished by a honeymoon to start, so in this case the couples strengthen there ability to communicate deeply.

I know not all prayers involves words. Tracing the Sign of cross on my body or on the forehead is a prayer. We sometimes use words with the sign of cross:


And we always often use  the sign of the Cross to begin and end another prayer.


That’s why in the morning or afternoon, I practice myself to Sign of the Cross before I leave home or in the office. I believe sign of cross as a shield, protection of evil. The Cross of Christ is the Ultimate Altar where Jesus offered the perfect sacrifice Himself, his own body and blood.