challenge accepted!

If you heard the word CHALLENGE what is on your mind? And what are the challenges in your life that you accepted  or you ignore?

My own story and experienced about the challenge that I can share with you guys. After my culinary course my boss, challenge me to create a dishes a simple dish that we can out in the restaurant. Since our company open a new restaurant it’s a Filipino Restaurant and we cater authentic Filipino dishes mostly in Bicol Region.

In short, as a Chef, I accepted the challenge. For me this is a big challenge. A challenge that I can  explore my culinary life in the kitchen to create dishes.

After I cooked, let’s go with the food tasting. I need to present my dishes with the bosses. And of course what are the comments when it comes with the appearance, texture, taste etc. Yes I am not a perfect Chef, most of the time I heard bad comments and good comments, that’s sometimes hurt my feelings.  Urggg…But of course I need all their comments and suggestion so that I can improve more my recipes.

Before I am affected to their comments but now I really know how to handle it. In my next post I will share all the food that  I cook. The recipes that challenge my life. And I’m not afraid to accept more challenge again.

Have a blessed day everyone!


cooking is always fun

Yes as I mentioned to my previous post that I go back to school. Every weekend I am busy with my cooking study and I enjoyed the challenge with the Chef who teach us different cuisine. Photos with my group mates Shirley, Val, Mike and Chef Jordan. We cooked Crab Cake. Cooking is always fun!!!




new dimsum recipes

I never mention before that i am connected in  food industry.  Its been 1 year and 1 month that im working in dimsum company. This is the first time i involved in food industry, but i enjoy working here.  I love siomai  and all the dimsum products.

  Our new vegetarian  siomai and fish siomai  courtesy of Chef Paul

Thanks God its Friday

Oh Thanks God  its friday .   Its last day of work again. I know most employee always waiting for friday gimmik.  My friend  called  and set for dinner tonight,  oh I am so  excited and the reason why we had dinner  we talk about business,  she is planning to open business here like electronic load, buy & sell business or food business.  How i wish i have my own business to open soon and i can share here. Happy Friday.