lazy saturday

Happy weekend everyone! Usually what you doing during weekend?

Oh a lazy Saturday to me.  Last night I pampered myself with the whole body massage and woke up late. I just ate breakfast then go back to bed again. Saturday is my house chores but I’m lazy:( . I better doing all my errands and house choirs tomorrow, get back to bed and rest.

Happy Saturday every one. !


my sunday house chores

Its sunday once again, woke up early 4:00am and i went to church 5:30am to attend the first mass. After the mass i start doing my house chores cleaning the house from up going down, after cleaning check the fridge and plan the food to cook the  whole week . I always make sure that i have stock food since i am working and my daughter is in the school also. And  no time for me to go to market during weekdays. In the afternoon the worst part of my house chore is ironing clothes i really hate ironing but no choice this is part of my work and no one can do only me. At night time prepare for dinner and after dinner atleast i have time to watch television before going to sleep.

And thats my sunday routine. Happy blessed sunday everyone.