My microwave cake

My homemade microwave cake

Cool Saturday, I craved last night with the chocolate cake at Red Ribbon. Since I am alone I don’t want to buy for me, instead I make my own version of microwave chocolate cake. Sorry the appearance is not really good but I love the taste the sweetness. There’s no harm in trying.

My first time to make my own cake and I hope by second time around I make my cake perfect. Lol.

Let us enjoy our Saturday.


another gifts

Oh how lovely its another gifts from my officemates. A chocolate flower plus a teddy bear with heart shape dimsum buns. Im am so touch  how sweet they are. Happy Valetines to my officemates Alvin and Allan I really appricate all the presents that you give this hearts day. Your really surprised me.

A chocolate flower from Allan ( thank you so much Allna for this lovely gift)


thank you for this lovely teddy bear and heart shape buns from Alvin you make my day complete guys.