i love my weekend

 I love my weekend because this is the only time I can pamper myself lol. Pampering ourselves is I can say is my habit and this is my therapy to released  any stress from work or any problems that I encounter.

 To keep my weekend busy aside from doing my house chores.I have list of my  favorite things to keep me busy and pamper myself:

1.Salon- yes I do love going to salon every week nice pretty nail polished, foot spa, or body massage makes me happy and always make my weekend complete.

2. Dinner –   unwind with my old friends or relatives at least once or twice a month or every pay day – this is to relax myself and to have good laugh with them.

3. Shopping – window shopping or malling is one of things I really miss most specially if my daughter is with me.

4. Movies – watching movies specially if I like the show (comedy)   wow really  refresh my mind I forgot all the problems from work lol.

5. Travelling – out of town during long weekend  visiting nice places with my friends and officemate is the most exciting for me to pamper myself.

This is the reason why I love my weekend. Happy weekend everyone its time to pamper ourselves.


Lunch together

This is one of the memorable lunch date with my officemates. Yes we decided to have lunch together since this is our last day in the office for this year 2012. It is very rare that we have bonding and lunch together outside if no ocassion . We go back to work again after new year so we enjoy our lunch  date at Tramway Garden Buffet, the food are good and the price is affordable.Thank you my dear officemates for this great lunch .  Have a Happy Weekend everyone and Happy New Year to all.