good things happened and blessing i received this year

Year 2012 is almost end few more hours and we are celebrate the coming year 2013 and I know most of the families are busy now preparing food for new years eve. Im still thinking some good things and blessings that I received or happened to my life this year.

One of the blessings that i received this year  is last April 2012 when  I take out my housing loan my dream house.  And after a month I already moved in to my dream house.

Another blessing to my family when my nephew graduated in college for 2 years course. With my help he graduated last April.  But now he still  continue 5 years course Bachelor of Computer Engineering.

And the last one I remembered now is to create this blog and to share my dailylife.

This are the things and  blessing happened to me this year but I know so many things and blessings but I cant remember all. I have ups and down also maybe I can share to my next post.

Now let us welcome and  celebrate new year with peace, love and happiness.



bedbunks to my daughter

My new house design only for 2 bedroom. My room and my daughter’s room only. We do not have extra room for the visitor. I decided to buy fuller bunk bed for my daughter so that just in case my family in the province visit us  we have space for them. Plus my nephew is living with me.  I want the bed bunk because i save the floor space to my daughter’s room.

my old fashion sister

My eldest sister is coming here Manila on 25th April. She attend the graduation of her son. As i mention before her son Eric is living with me.   He is my scholar I help him to study in college.  Eric finished his 2 yrs Computer Technology Course. But he still continue his study for  Computer Engineering course. Keep up the good work my son nephew.

Anyway  back to my sister, I have a bit problem to her, when it comes to the dress she wear on the graduation day of her son. I dont mean she need to wear a gown or what hehehehe but my loving sister is old fashion style.  She dont want to wear a sleeveless dress and under the knee. She dont want to wear skirt, or summer sexy  dress.  Oh my, she preferred to wear pants, leggings or ordinary t-shirt were she is comfortable . Oh my dear  sis, I wish at this time I convince you to wear a nice clothes.


my sister