i missed my princess

My daughter, is coming with me next week she stay here untill first week of June or before she go back to school. She is now second year high school this coming school year.

I am excited that at least we have bonding together this summer after my work in the office or during weekend. I really missed her so much. I missed that we eat together, we watched movie together we laugh together. I know its difficult both of us that we did not live together but I know she is smart and she understand my reason why I want her to study  in the province. She is living to my sister but this is only temporary. And course as a mother I know my obligation to her. I always  visited her time to time as a mother my role is always there and whatever she need as long as I can afford to give I give  to her,  financially, emotionally and spiritually.

Since she’s coming here with me I am excited and I bought  her shades, clothes and other accessories she can use while shes here with me. This are her favorites shorts and t-shirt. I know she will be happy. Mama will always love you and I missed you my dear princess. I cant wait to hug you tight like when you still a baby. Anyway you still my only one baby.




is all about our little angel

ImageThis is our little angel Julia Rihanna, shes now 6 months. Mommy Mercy’s updated daughter. Every weekend baby Julia is in our home, my daughter love so much she enjoy taking care of baby Julia. Untill one time my daughter ask me  to adopt a baby like Julia. How i wish i still can make a baby sister or brother to my daughter :((