Searching Job is Difficult

Looking for work in the Philippines is really difficult.  Maybe even in the other country is not easy also but the advantage in the other country is no age discrimination. As long as you fit to work no age limit you can get work.  Oh how I wish is the same here in Philippines.

 My friend Jane, is looking for job for more than 3 months now. She’s not easy to her to find good one because of her age. She know that she is qualified and fit to that position she applied but the only problem is her age . Even she is qualified to that position if the company  saw her age they always decline. Most of the companies they want to hire the fresh graduate, single and still young. Really sad.

Well my wish and pray to my friend Jane,  be patience my dear sis, I know everything will be ok soon, just be strong and don’t lose your hope I believe that you will find a good job soon. God bless and we love you always sister.


God is the friend of silence

We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence. See how nature – trees, flowers, grass- grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence… We need silence to be able to touch souls. – Mother Teresa

goodluck and goodbye

One of my officemate Vanessa, is living for good to Trinidad Tobago with his fiance. She is our Research and Development Officer at the same time our Quality Control. I know her job is very sensitive and it is not easy to hire again a new employee especially we are in food company. I see her dedication to her job, she is a good sample of employee. She work hard and it easy to be with. I like her the way she handle her staff. She is a good friend or officemate.

I wish you goodluck and goodbye my dear Vane and more success.


Vane and Fiance Vilmor

thermal breast imaging

My friend Kate, is her schedule for thermal breast imaging tomorrow. And as per my research thermal imaging is the screening for breast cancer that you cannot experience any pain not like the mammography.

I’m worried to her because she opened to me last week about her problem, for the past two months she felt something on her right breast. And its not normal to her to fell the pain and the changes of her right breast. After she opened to me  I push her to do the thermal imaging so that early as possible we know the result and she can prepare. Oh as her best friend I, always with her to support her emotonally and spiritually.

We both hoping and praying that the result tomorrow is clear and no symptoms for C. Have a happy weekend everyone. May god bless us all.

yoga mat

Yoga is one of the best workout in the world. This is a physical exercise to train our body, our mind and breath. I have friend of mine attended yoga every other day so i decided to buy her  a Stott Pilates Hot Yoga Plus Mat as my present to her. I know she can use this everytime she attend the yoga. I really want to attend this yoga class also but  possible I start to join my friend by next year I want to lose more weight. Happy friday everyone.

my prayer request

My officemate Joan, is sick for almost 3 weeks now.  and she diagnose with C problem and is now in stage 4.  Please help me to pray for her and hope she still recover.  I am affected  shes is very close to me . I am depressed because of her setuation. I love my friend so much.

 My dearly friend  Joan, I pray to God that he  still give you a long life. Please have mercy on her and her family who are worry. I pray she will be healed and I ask for miracle and also to guide her physician to have knowledge to heal her. My dear Lord in your mercy please hear our prayers. AMEN