Thank you Heavenly Father

Thank you Heavenly Father, for giving my sins, healing my body, making me your child and for giving me the gift of eternal life.

You always give me strength to face all the problem that I encountered to my life. I know that you always beside me to take care of me.

Happy weekend to all.!


Stress Free, Feel Good

Are you stress? Or you can’t sleep at night because of Insomnia or other problems that we encountered in our everyday life?

On my experienced my Endocrine diagnosed me that I have Hyper Thyroid last month. And  there’s a time that it’s very difficult for me to sleep at night, and because of my condition I’m panicking. And it’s hard for me now to handle problem and I stress.  I opened this to my doctor then she gives me a medicine that I feel good every time I take this pills. At night if I can’t sleep I take one capsule and after a few minutes or an hour I feel sleepy. When I get up in the morning I feel good and I have energy.

This is Feel Good Lactium. I know I am safe to take this capsule because this is content with naturally milk protein and hydrolysate.

I can share this with you because this is very effective to me base on my experience. Now I am Stress Free and I feel good all the time. Thank you to Lactium!

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Wednesday update

My health is not really good at this time. Dizziness attacked last night after work; I was so lucky that my office mate Kate is with me. She brought me to hospital. The doctor refuses to admit me since after I took the medicines I fell well.

The Doctor scheduled me tomorrow to EENT and Internal Medicine; I hope and pray that I will be okay soon. Health is wealth.

Blessed Wednesday to all, Stay healthy and Happy !


For the past few days I am not comfortable of my feelings I got dizzy and encounter migraine every day. So last Monday I decided to visit my doctor for check-up.

It’s really bad because I diagnosed for high blood pressure (hypertension). My doctor prescribed medicines for my daily maintenance but as much as possible I don’t want to take these pills.

I guess I need to change my lifestyle. I need to diet and eat healthy foods to lose more weight , no more monosodium to my food, including caffeine,  doing exercise regularly. Oh my I hope I can do all this to avoid hypertension.

thermal breast imaging

My friend Kate, is her schedule for thermal breast imaging tomorrow. And as per my research thermal imaging is the screening for breast cancer that you cannot experience any pain not like the mammography.

I’m worried to her because she opened to me last week about her problem, for the past two months she felt something on her right breast. And its not normal to her to fell the pain and the changes of her right breast. After she opened to me  I push her to do the thermal imaging so that early as possible we know the result and she can prepare. Oh as her best friend I, always with her to support her emotonally and spiritually.

We both hoping and praying that the result tomorrow is clear and no symptoms for C. Have a happy weekend everyone. May god bless us all.