mother and daughter

My little daughter is now a young lady. Like mother like daughter. Happy Friday to all!



I missed my Daughter

My teenager princess, is back to province last week. I am really sad that my daughter is far with me again, but we need to be patience to each other she needs to go back and study there. I cannot stop myself not to cry when I send her to Bus Station. It really kills me but I need to be strong and control myself for crying because I don’t want that my daughter saw me sad and cried.

I missed you so much. My darling, please always listen to Mama and study hard I cant wait to see you again next month. Mama loves you so much.

Many faces of my daughter Shin-Shin





message from the heart

How luck y I am that I have a daughter who really love me so much.  I received emailed to my Unica Hija (Shin-Shin)  greeted me advance happy mother’s day. She said she wanted to make sure that she’s the first one who greet me a advance mother’s day.  Oh so sweet  I am so touch and happy. Thank you my sweetheart for this wonderful gift that you send to me. Mama will always love you forever.


pabasa during holyweek

This coming holyweek, I missed so much my mother she is very active in pabasa or pasyon in filipino or reading of the passion. I know this is the traditional practice of the filipinos.  My mother is very devoted every holyweek we always the  host in our house for the  pabasa. So when im still young i joined them also singing. Thats why i missed my mother so much. Hoping this holyweek we are all in peace and god bless us all.