badminton time

Once a week we played badminton together with my officemates. We make sure that every Friday night is our badminton night.

Oh I love this sports,  I know honestly to myself that I am not the best badminton player lol.,  but of course as long as I enjoyed  the game it makes me happy.

Playing badminton is good exercise to reduce weight.  My goodness I know how fat I am and I know how disparate I am to lose more weight and become sexy lol. I cant wait for the next Friday.

Happy Sunday everyone.





yoga mat

Yoga is one of the best workout in the world. This is a physical exercise to train our body, our mind and breath. I have friend of mine attended yoga every other day so i decided to buy her  a Stott Pilates Hot Yoga Plus Mat as my present to her. I know she can use this everytime she attend the yoga. I really want to attend this yoga class also but  possible I start to join my friend by next year I want to lose more weight. Happy friday everyone.