slippers business

Aside from my regular work I, focus again to my buy & sell business. I know I cannot make good money doing my buy & sell business but I enjoyed it. So aside from buying and selling rice in the province I tried ¬†to sell slippers too. lol. I bought slippers and I sell with my friends, neighbors, and officemates. I hope I convince my sister to start slippers business also in our province. Small investment but we make money. ūüôā


online loading

Its been two years that I am in prepaid loading business. I can send load through internet and text. If i am using internet to load just log-in to my account and its free of charge. superload  is gives me the opportunity to earn in many ways through personal retailing profits. And it is convenience for  me because i can send load anytime anywhere 24/7 . Join superload now if you want to make money.ailing Profits, Retail Override Commission, and many more

Thanks God its Friday

Oh Thanks God  its friday .   Its last day of work again. I know most employee always waiting for friday gimmik.  My friend  called  and set for dinner tonight,  oh I am so  excited and the reason why we had dinner  we talk about business,  she is planning to open business here like electronic load, buy & sell business or food business.  How i wish i have my own business to open soon and i can share here. Happy Friday.