Happy Birthday Niece

5th day of January 2016. Today is my niece birthday. I feel sorry with you my darling  Lyka and you grow into a young lady that your not with your mother. I know how difficult life you experienced while growing up without mother, but you never give up, besides you have a very strong faith with our Lord Jesus Christ.  As you and your sister join in a Charismatic group at your young age I really admire both of you.

And of course I still thank you and I salute your Tatay (father) to his dedication and very supportive father to both of you and you sister Nica.

Happy Happy birthday Lyka, as I always tell you I try all my best to help you in any ways. Trust God and never give up everything will be okay anak as my promised to you. Be patience and we love you. Happy sweet 16th birthday anak.




healing mass

Yesterday morning is my second time attended healing mass at Buklod ng Pag-Ibig by  Fr. Joey Faller. I felt so blessed and healed and every time I attended the healing mass or even the regular mass every Sunday I can’t stop myself not to cry especially if I started to pray and ask forgiveness and ask favour to our Dear Lord Almighty. I experienced in the healing mass while Fr. Joey healed blessed us  I really felt the presence of the Lord and to accept him in my body to cleanse all my sins and illness. Of course I have so much things I asked for him and I know and believe all my wishes  was already granted my illness already healed. I am really  happy, blessed and thank you for  this opportunity and  next month I will attend again the healing mass.
Have a blessed Wednesday everyone. 

my thank you

First, I wanna thank you to my Dear Nanay Mean who greeted me early morning a Happy Mothers Day. Nanay thank you so much I am so touch and happy that even you are far and we dont see each other  for a long time you still remember me. Nanay thank for everything for the love, and for the support that you always shared with me, You and Marian. We love you Nay , and Happy Happy Mothers Day to you also. The Lord Always Blessed you. Hope to see you again soon Nay. I always pray that you always in good health.

My Nanay Mean and  Marian

Second, thank you also to my daughter who texted  and called me to greet me a happy mothers day also. I am proud that your my daughter. I love you so much and please take care there and be good always. Mama will go home soon to see you. I love you and I missed you little brat girl.

my daughter