How you fell if you see your kids smoking? You fell mad ?  I think this  first hundred times before I post.

 Last weekend as I mentioned to my previous post.  I started to pack my daughter’s stuff for the up coming move in to our new house. When i saw her school bag  and I check.  I saw 5 pieces of different cigarettes. I was shocked and I didnt know that my daughter at her age she’s smoking.  I really dont know what I fell that time I am mad, Im crying, I want to talk to her. I am sad and disappointed.  And I cant stop asking myself whats wrong with my daughter. What is my mistake.   She never saw me smoking. Honestly yes when I was in college I do smoke once in a while if I am pressured before but when i get married and pregnant to her I stop my habit smoking.

So i talked to her asked her why I saw a stick of cigarette on her school bag. And instead she ask for sorry or replied me in a nice way, she replied me I dont know and do not ask me becuase I dont know who put it in my bag. So that time, we started argument.  I cannot control myself and I am mad. I called my sister in the province and informed her, she is disappointed also. She tried to talked to my daughter but still the same she’s not listening. Now I know at her age I cannot control her anymore. Hoping and praying that one day she realize her mistake and she change. Its really hard to be a single mom.