A blessed monday to all!

Good Morning World. It’s Monday once again. What is new with us? This is always my question with my officemates during Monday. A sweet smile a  good morning greetings with them to begin our day positive.

And every second Monday of the month we have Management Committee Meeting we called (ManCom) a breakfast meeting with our President. Hmmm… I wish they serve nice breakfast today (hungry) hahahaha. During our Mancom meeting, we discuss more on our pending works, suggestions, improvements, promos in our restaurants and also updates in every project that assigned in every department. And every  department we have presentation. Will I am ready since I do not have backlogged anymore. I can say I am the type of person that if the management gives me a project I always give myself a timeline to  finish whatever task assigned to me.

Well with my co worker,  good luck to all of us. See you guys in the conference.

A Blessed Monday to All.


Small but Terrible

The life of this small but terrible woman, she is a street vendor near our restaurant along Mother Ignacia in Quezon City. I admire her because even she’s a small or   we called dwarfism she work to earn money by selling cigarettes, candies and biscuits every day.

She asked me to buy a cigarettes or candies that she sell. I smile here and I told her that I don’t smoke so instead I buy cigarettes I give her small amount and she is happy with that. Sharing you guys her photos, a hardworking small but terrible woman.



Searching Job is Difficult

Looking for work in the Philippines is really difficult.  Maybe even in the other country is not easy also but the advantage in the other country is no age discrimination. As long as you fit to work no age limit you can get work.  Oh how I wish is the same here in Philippines.

 My friend Jane, is looking for job for more than 3 months now. She’s not easy to her to find good one because of her age. She know that she is qualified and fit to that position she applied but the only problem is her age . Even she is qualified to that position if the company  saw her age they always decline. Most of the companies they want to hire the fresh graduate, single and still young. Really sad.

Well my wish and pray to my friend Jane,  be patience my dear sis, I know everything will be ok soon, just be strong and don’t lose your hope I believe that you will find a good job soon. God bless and we love you always sister.

welcome back

Welcome back my dear lovely Joan. Its been a year after the last time I posted you in my blog. Joan is my officemate but she resigned a year ago  because of her condition she’s fighting of bone  cancer. She is a good officemate she work hard and she never complain. A happy person you cannot see that she has a big problem to her health before.

 But we thank God because of all our prayers she finally recovered. And her doctor announced that she is now fit to work and she can go back for work anytime. We all happy with the results after all the trials to her life she’s very strong woman and she never give up whatever pain she encounter.

Today is her first day again at work. We welcome you dearly Joan. We are one big happy family again.Cheers…I Know God is good we always thank and praise him. God bless you.

                                                          lovely face of Joan


new photo today welcome back Jo


5 things to do before start my work

Its wednesday once again its back to work. Its a normal day  as usual at work. And of course I always have 30 minutes commercial  before  I start my work lol. Early morning break lol.

Anyway here’s my 5 things list I do before I start my long day work.

1. Open my computer first  to check my multiple account Fb,Twitter, personal email, company website, blog, yahoo messenger this are all open one at a time lol  update my blog send likes and comments. ( I can’t wait to continue reading during my noon break)

2. Re-touch to make me beautiful lol, i have my lipstick, make up, foundation  I cannot start my day without my beauty kit with me. ( i guess all girls do this in the office)

3. Call and talk to my daughter atleast 5 minutes hearing my daughter’s voice and to know thas she’s ok it makes me happy.

4. Coffee I need caffaine to give me energy

5. Pray  before start my work

Now I am  ready  start  my work with good vibes.

You guys what keeps you busy before you start your work.


have a great monday

Its Monday once again and I’m at work and enjoying my lunch while reading blog. Its a normal Monday morning to me since I don’t have boss she’s out of town. Yepeey if the cats away the mice will play lol. It looks I am the cat and my boss is the mice hehehe.  Anyway I love my Monday no pressure and I don’t have pending work that’s why I have a great Monday. How was your Monday guys? Have a blessed day everyone.