healing mass

Yesterday morning is my second time attended healing mass at Buklod ng Pag-Ibig by  Fr. Joey Faller. I felt so blessed and healed and every time I attended the healing mass or even the regular mass every Sunday I can’t stop myself not to cry especially if I started to pray and ask forgiveness and ask favour to our Dear Lord Almighty. I experienced in the healing mass while Fr. Joey healed blessed us  I really felt the presence of the Lord and to accept him in my body to cleanse all my sins and illness. Of course I have so much things I asked for him and I know and believe all my wishes  was already granted my illness already healed. I am really  happy, blessed and thank you for  this opportunity and  next month I will attend again the healing mass.
Have a blessed Wednesday everyone. 


my prayer request

My officemate Joan, is sick for almost 3 weeks now.  and she diagnose with C problem and is now in stage 4.  Please help me to pray for her and hope she still recover.  I am affected  shes is very close to me . I am depressed because of her setuation. I love my friend so much.

 My dearly friend  Joan, I pray to God that he  still give you a long life. Please have mercy on her and her family who are worry. I pray she will be healed and I ask for miracle and also to guide her physician to have knowledge to heal her. My dear Lord in your mercy please hear our prayers. AMEN