wedding anniversary

Today is the unforgettable day for me. Remembering my wedding anniversary lol. Yes even I am now separated I still remembered the day when I say I do or I get married to my ex- husband. I am 11 years happily separated actually.

Anyways even I am single again I am happy now with my life. I am more happy now If I compared before when we still together. But I still thank you my beloved ex because you give me a beautiful and smart daughter and I really love her. I know how hard being a mother and father to her but this is my obligation and I do everything to make my daughter happy.

To those who celebrated their anniversary today happy anniversary, lets give them a toss. Happy sunday to all.


excited for the coming new year

Only four days left before new year and welcome year 2013  in chinese zodiac year of the snake. I am very excited to see and celebrate my new year with my daughter, relatives and friends in the province. It is time to have fun and party with them for a long years that I never spend my christmas and new year  with them.  And of course as always my wish me, my daughter and and all my family members are always in  good health.  Happy New Year  everyone  and God Bless us all.

one big happy family

December 2, 2012 is our President’s birhtday. She’s my boss for 12 years now. I can say that she’s a good boss, loving, down to earth and religious person.  A perfect boss. Since everything she can afford to buy my officemates and I decided to be  a creative so we make a photos that all of us in Head Office are here. In this way we make her happy. We know that this is simple present to her but full of love. and we are “One Big Happy Family”. I want to thank you all my officemates for their participation to give me their photos so that i make this kind and unique gift to our beloved boss. More blessing and more birthday’s to you maam Mabuhay. And we love you.


bedbunks to my daughter

My new house design only for 2 bedroom. My room and my daughter’s room only. We do not have extra room for the visitor. I decided to buy fuller bunk bed for my daughter so that just in case my family in the province visit us  we have space for them. Plus my nephew is living with me.  I want the bed bunk because i save the floor space to my daughter’s room.

my prayer request

My officemate Joan, is sick for almost 3 weeks now.  and she diagnose with C problem and is now in stage 4.  Please help me to pray for her and hope she still recover.  I am affected  shes is very close to me . I am depressed because of her setuation. I love my friend so much.

 My dearly friend  Joan, I pray to God that he  still give you a long life. Please have mercy on her and her family who are worry. I pray she will be healed and I ask for miracle and also to guide her physician to have knowledge to heal her. My dear Lord in your mercy please hear our prayers. AMEN

mother and daughter bonding

Yesterday is my daughter’s birthday, she deicided to had bonding at Mall of Asia. MOA is one of tourist attraction also  here in the Philippines. A place that you enjoy for dining, shopping and great bonding with the  family and friends  specially for the kids.  There themepark attraction is nice. We experience to ride the Ferris Wheel , Flying with the Zipline, and had fun taking pictures. My little girl enjoyed so mucd. I am happy atleast we had bonding on her birthday.


            at Ferris Wheel (MOA EYE)

                                                 experience the Zip line


   Fountain at Moa

at Bay side view


the mother and daughter bonding