Happy birthday my bestfriend

My bestfriend Marian, is her special day ( birthday) today but since she’s in the other country (Canada) the only thing I can do now is to greet her con Facebook and post here on my blog.  Its been a long time that we did not see each other since after she left the Philippines she never comeback. I really missed her so much. I consider her not only my bestfriend but my own sister. What I really missed  most about my bff Marian:

1. She love to eat at any eat all you can restaurant.  Or if we did not eat outside I love to cook or prepared food to her, and  what she really like to eat is the “Ensaladang Ampalaya” . Even she is already out of the country she still contact me and always asked me how to prepare this food.  And I know she missed the street food Balut and Barbeque.

2. I missed her loud laugh really even if we talked over the phone she’s not contented if her voice is not loud. I missed to talk to her anything and everything under the sun. She is a good listener and adviser when it comes to love lol. Maybe that’s why untill now she’s still single I guess the cuacasian’s scared to court her. lol.

3. I missed and I love that we both go to beauty parlor to treat ourselves for massage, foot spa plus the manicure and pedicure we do this together every week before. Oh I really missed this. Will she promised me when she go back to Philippines we go together again. Oh Marian I cant wait you to comeback again here lol.

4. Marian is my real best friend when it comes to financial problem shes is always there with me. Im so touch everytime I asked help she cannot say No or Next time to me shes is always there with me to help me. ( Your one of a kind my dear sister).

Marian happy happy Birthday and I know your not getting younger everyday. I am hoping and praying that this is now the right time to look for someone to be with you. Happy Birthday and more blessings to share with me lol. More birthdays to come, good health and we love you and we missed you so much.

                                                                            The Birthday Girl my friend, bestfriend, and my sweet sister



my old fashion sister

My eldest sister is coming here Manila on 25th April. She attend the graduation of her son. As i mention before her son Eric is living with me.   He is my scholar I help him to study in college.  Eric finished his 2 yrs Computer Technology Course. But he still continue his study for  Computer Engineering course. Keep up the good work my son nephew.

Anyway  back to my sister, I have a bit problem to her, when it comes to the dress she wear on the graduation day of her son. I dont mean she need to wear a gown or what hehehehe but my loving sister is old fashion style.  She dont want to wear a sleeveless dress and under the knee. She dont want to wear skirt, or summer sexy  dress.  Oh my, she preferred to wear pants, leggings or ordinary t-shirt were she is comfortable . Oh my dear  sis, I wish at this time I convince you to wear a nice clothes.


my sister