Happy Fathers Day to All

Happy Happy Father’s Day. Today is the very special day to all fathers. I want to share my unforgettable experienced with my father. I can say he is certified strict father to us. Me and my siblings always grounded when we are still teenager. We had curfew hours that we need to follow or else we cannot get inside the house.

 My eldest sister and I, experienced the strict of our father. One time we attended birthday party and we go home super late.I am really scared and nervous because we know that our Papa is mad. And we know that we cannot enter the house. Four hours we stayed outside our house we wait until dawn that he opened the door.

That’s our father, very strict but he is a good father, a friend, a good provider. I won’t regret that your my father and even your not with us now you always remained in our heart. I love you so much Papa. Your always the best father to me and thank you for everything.

Now its time to celebrate with our love ones, time to greet them a happy happy happy father’s day. Cheers

my new years resolutions or wishes

Each one  of us of course has new years resolution or wishes. Tomorrow is our new years eve and we welcome 2013. I have some wishes this new year and hoping all come my wish come true in my life. Here are the list of my new years resolutions:

Good Health  – this is always I prayed and wished  not only today but every day in my life that I, my daughter and all my family members and love ones are always in good health.

Spend more time with my daughter – I know its very difficult our situation with my daughter since we both far to each other. I wish that I have more  time to visit her in the province. Being a mother I know how difficult that my daughter is far with me.

Always Happy – I want to enjoy life to the fullest, enjoy my daily life with my family, friends and relatives.

Business – to have my owned business this year. Its one of my dream to manage my own business. I start my owned business buy & sell of rice but Im still looking to another business opportunity.

Lose Weight – trying hard to lose more weight this coming year, that’s why I want to enroll yoga.

Travel to other country – my dream is to experience to travel around the world lol. this is one of my wish that even once a year I can travel to other country to pamper myself once in a blue moon.

To find my partner ?–  where are you ? no comments with this lol.

You guys please share some of your new years resolution. Happy New Year everyone. May God bless us all.


one big happy family

December 2, 2012 is our President’s birhtday. She’s my boss for 12 years now. I can say that she’s a good boss, loving, down to earth and religious person.  A perfect boss. Since everything she can afford to buy my officemates and I decided to be  a creative so we make a photos that all of us in Head Office are here. In this way we make her happy. We know that this is simple present to her but full of love. and we are “One Big Happy Family”. I want to thank you all my officemates for their participation to give me their photos so that i make this kind and unique gift to our beloved boss. More blessing and more birthday’s to you maam Mabuhay. And we love you.