lazy saturday

Happy weekend everyone! Usually what you doing during weekend?

Oh a lazy Saturday to me.  Last night I pampered myself with the whole body massage and woke up late. I just ate breakfast then go back to bed again. Saturday is my house chores but I’m lazy:( . I better doing all my errands and house choirs tomorrow, get back to bed and rest.

Happy Saturday every one. !


my weekend routine

Well since I worked weekdays my alarm clock always set 3:30am I need to wake up and out of bed 4:00am even I still want to sleep I cannot extend because I need to go to my work early to avoid the headache traffic.

But of course during my weekend I can pamper myself in bed at least 6 to 7 hours good sleep :-). My life during weekend is boring after my morning ritual I started my day with my 45 minutes work out. Jumping rope for 10 minutes and to complete my 45 minutes work out I concentrate with belly dancing while watching dvd’s. Sometimes the 45 minutes work out is not enough especially I enjoyed the belly dancing I extend for few minutes lol. Will im still hoping to loose weight.  After my work out its time to pay attention to watering my plants then doing house chores. After all my work done time to online check emails, reading my favorite blog. Thanks God its weekend.

Have a blessed and happy weekend to all.