Vault bank

February 14 is a valentines day, and one fo my friend getting married on that day, oh its double celebration lol. So im getting crazy  looking for the best gift I can give to them. A wedding gift that has meaning to that couple. I decided to give them the Personalized Vault Bank since the bride  loves  to collect coins  and I know  she really like the have her owned personalized  vault bank in thier new apartment. I know they deserve to have it and  Iwould be happy for them. My best wishes both of them.


my vacation

I enjoyed my vacation in the province, congratulations to my cousin Marivic and husband Johnson.

                                                               the newly wed

                                                    picture with my cousin Selit

                                                        My Cousin  Marivic and husband Johnson

the bride and the groom

February 29  wednesday is my cousin wedding. Congratulations Bru, i wish all the best for you and your husband. See you all there on your wedding day. I am so   excited  to see u and witness your marraige,  its been 3 yrs never seen you and also our relatives there in the  province. God Bless Us All

                                                                                                             The Bride (cousin Marivic) and the Groom (John Co)