Dizziness attack

If you fell dizziness and you do not know what is the cause, what do you do? Are you panicking? For me is a big YES.

Last month of January I, encountered dizziness and it happened twice. I’m so much scared because the first happened to me last 13th of January. I was on my way home. I immediately called my officemate to help me since I am half of the way to my home. I am lucky that time because one of our drivers still available and he can   drive me home. All I know why I got dizzy is about my hypertension.

Second I got dizzy again at the airport during my store audit. The store manager immediately called the medical team at the airport. I was so lucky with the immediate response. Then after that case, I, decided to go to hospital for the laboratory test to find out why I got dizzy. (and of course I am not pregnant lol).

The Physician, found out that the cause of my dizziness is the Vertigo.  The nerve of my inner ear is the causes of Vertigo spinning / dizziness. I am scared with my case and I am very careful now with my health. I read some articles about vertigo and what is the cause this is alarming to me I’m panicking.

Have a blessed day everyone!