Welcome to the Christian World

Last November 3 is the Christening of Djane Worth Ismael. She is the daughter one of my close neighbor. Welcome to the Christian World my little angel Worth, Titan Ninang loves you.



money tree from neighbor

I received a present without any special occasion from my neighbor. From neighbor with love¬†ūüôā¬†¬†a money tree. I am a lucky girl that I have neighbor like her. Actually she‚Äôs one of my nearby neighbors and I am lucky with that. I really thank her for this special present. Now I am thinking what is the best present I can give to her, ¬†a present that something unique or maybe I invite her for dinner at home is better. I can‚Äôt wait for that.IMG_20130413_194013


Since im living in my new house and  my weekend  keep myself busy gardening. I love to watched my new neighbor gardening,  then last saturday while im outside my house and  jogging, we have chance to talked. My neighbor give me a rose in a pot and another bonsai calamansi in a pot. I am so happy and since shes my close neighbor she teached me gardening  in my backyard. This is the reason to keep me busy the whole weekend.  Oh i love gardening now I am excited to have more plants and flowers in my backyard.  Now looking forward for another week for the beautification of my backyard. Thank you to my neighbor. I post the photos soon.