computer infected with virus

My computer in the office is infected with virus since last week,. It gives me headache I cannot open my files. I try to clean  but still the same even i have anti virus installed and try to scan. Oh Jesus Christ please help me to recover my important files or else back to zero :((.  One of my officemate used my computer last monday to print his business plan presentation. The worst thing is his USB had virus  and after  printing  the virus  automatically  spread to my computer.  And then other  officemates computer also infected with virus because of the USB he used to save or transfer the files.  

But finally thank God to our dearly IT officer who patiently fix our computers.  He recovered some of my  files except those files  already corrupt  with virus. Lucky that we have   a good IT  who always maintain fix our computer everytime we encounter  problem.

 He’s our one of a kind IT Ricky