bonding at chinatown



Yesterday we visited one of our store branch at Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo Manila. Like others  im attracted with the money tree outside the chinatown walk, many shoppers, chinese and non chinese having chance to take photos and some of them put money in the red envelope or ang pao hanging in the tree  and they make a wishes. Oh i make my wish too and take some photos with my officemates.  I have so much fun with my officemates if we work on field because we have chance to have bonding after our work.

          Money tree


         me and our store supervisor



make wishes while holding the red envelope (ang pao)


     its more fun with alvin in bicycle



Kung Hei Fat Choi

February once again, we are now in the second month of year 2013. Kung Hei Fat Choi. Last Friday we have so much fun me and my officemate Alvin wearing  a Chinese custom. This custom is for our cashiers and service crews in our restaurant. Every Chinese New Year  our store cashiers and crews wearing this custom.

Our photos Kung Hei Fat Choi



excited for the coming new year

Only four days left before new year and welcome year 2013  in chinese zodiac year of the snake. I am very excited to see and celebrate my new year with my daughter, relatives and friends in the province. It is time to have fun and party with them for a long years that I never spend my christmas and new year  with them.  And of course as always my wish me, my daughter and and all my family members are always in  good health.  Happy New Year  everyone  and God Bless us all.