A blessed monday to all!

Good Morning World. It’s Monday once again. What is new with us? This is always my question with my officemates during Monday. A sweet smile a  good morning greetings with them to begin our day positive.

And every second Monday of the month we have Management Committee Meeting we called (ManCom) a breakfast meeting with our President. Hmmm… I wish they serve nice breakfast today (hungry) hahahaha. During our Mancom meeting, we discuss more on our pending works, suggestions, improvements, promos in our restaurants and also updates in every project that assigned in every department. And every  department we have presentation. Will I am ready since I do not have backlogged anymore. I can say I am the type of person that if the management gives me a project I always give myself a timeline to  finish whatever task assigned to me.

Well with my co worker,  good luck to all of us. See you guys in the conference.

A Blessed Monday to All.