there’s always next time

Its already new year, as part of my new years wishes is to enroll in yoga class or to start  my  diet program. So last monday is my first day of diet but sad to say that in my second day  yesterday I break my diet program  because of the managers meeting  I cannot stop myself not to eat healthy food again. Really bad theres always next time. I guess i need totally strict myself to start my diet and no more excuses and no more next time. 

Have a blessed wednesday to all.


back to work

Hello everyone ! Its my first day at work this year 2013. Im so glad that im not late im still early. My brand new day and I wish i have a good start this year. My new photos with my sweetheart Kate.

my working place


new photo today before i start my work 🙂


my sweet kate


the wacky one




good things happened and blessing i received this year

Year 2012 is almost end few more hours and we are celebrate the coming year 2013 and I know most of the families are busy now preparing food for new years eve. Im still thinking some good things and blessings that I received or happened to my life this year.

One of the blessings that i received this year  is last April 2012 when  I take out my housing loan my dream house.  And after a month I already moved in to my dream house.

Another blessing to my family when my nephew graduated in college for 2 years course. With my help he graduated last April.  But now he still  continue 5 years course Bachelor of Computer Engineering.

And the last one I remembered now is to create this blog and to share my dailylife.

This are the things and  blessing happened to me this year but I know so many things and blessings but I cant remember all. I have ups and down also maybe I can share to my next post.

Now let us welcome and  celebrate new year with peace, love and happiness.


excited for the coming new year

Only four days left before new year and welcome year 2013  in chinese zodiac year of the snake. I am very excited to see and celebrate my new year with my daughter, relatives and friends in the province. It is time to have fun and party with them for a long years that I never spend my christmas and new year  with them.  And of course as always my wish me, my daughter and and all my family members are always in  good health.  Happy New Year  everyone  and God Bless us all.

Im alone

I have a lonely Christmas since i celebrate alone at home. I fell the loneliness being alone this christmas season but due to my work I cant go home to visit my daughter in the province. Honestly I cant stop myself crying if I remembered  my daughter and we are far to each other this very important day. But the good thing is we celebrate the new year together I can go home this coming  New Year to be with my daughter and family. Merry Christmas everyone.