my thank you

First, I wanna thank you to my Dear Nanay Mean who greeted me early morning a Happy Mothers Day. Nanay thank you so much I am so touch and happy that even you are far and we dont see each other  for a long time you still remember me. Nanay thank for everything for the love, and for the support that you always shared with me, You and Marian. We love you Nay , and Happy Happy Mothers Day to you also. The Lord Always Blessed you. Hope to see you again soon Nay. I always pray that you always in good health.

My Nanay Mean and  Marian

Second, thank you also to my daughter who texted  and called me to greet me a happy mothers day also. I am proud that your my daughter. I love you so much and please take care there and be good always. Mama will go home soon to see you. I love you and I missed you little brat girl.

my daughter


nephew’s graduation

Yesteday, is my nephew’s graduation day of ladderized  two years course Computer Technology.  Graduation held at University of the Philippines Diliman Quezon City.  Congratulations Eric, I am here always  to support you. This school opening you are now in 3rd year for Bachelor of Science in  Computer Engineering .  Another 3 years in school. Study hard and be patient so that your dream come true. Whatever happen i am here to help you financially, emotionally. We love you son.

Some photos to his graduation.

the graduate

the mother and son

ice cream time