Sign Of Cross – Keeping in touch with God

Sometimes I feel like a little guilt when it comes to prayer. I wish I can prayed or better. I know through prayers is the way to prompting of the Holy Spirit to deepen my relationship to God.

And we can take a way to find God even in our busiest day, we can pray while doing the house chores, working in the office and cleaning outside the house.

I can say PRAYERS is like a marriage, A healthy and successful marriage needs and is nourished by a honeymoon to start, so in this case the couples strengthen there ability to communicate deeply.

I know not all prayers involves words. Tracing the Sign of cross on my body or on the forehead is a prayer. We sometimes use words with the sign of cross:


And we always often use  the sign of the Cross to begin and end another prayer.


That’s why in the morning or afternoon, I practice myself to Sign of the Cross before I leave home or in the office. I believe sign of cross as a shield, protection of evil. The Cross of Christ is the Ultimate Altar where Jesus offered the perfect sacrifice Himself, his own body and blood.