Monday back to work

Yepeey, Monday back to work as office girl.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, how was your Christmas and New Year? Where you guys spend your holidays? Any news? What is your NYResolution? What you missed last year? What do you want to happen this year? I know this are the first conversation in the office, chit chat first before we start our own work and this is normal happen in our office lol.

Will before end of last year, I make sure I finished my backlog so that I am fresh today New Year no pressure and I can relax. I want to focus to business development group. My goal is to find a good location for possible new store and to those open minded person a business man who wants to join us as our franchisee. I need to work out on this. More store to open more blessings to receive.

Go ahead let us start our day with good vibes, and enjoy our life in the office.

Happy Monday to all….




have a great monday

Its Monday once again and I’m at work and enjoying my lunch while reading blog. Its a normal Monday morning to me since I don’t have boss she’s out of town. Yepeey if the cats away the mice will play lol. It looks I am the cat and my boss is the mice hehehe.  Anyway I love my Monday no pressure and I don’t have pending work that’s why I have a great Monday. How was your Monday guys? Have a blessed day everyone.