daughter’s graduation

Tomorrow wednesday, March 28, 2012 is a big day of my daughter, her graduation day in elementary. As a mother I am happy that my daughter graduate and finished her elementary level.

Yes i admit that my daughter, is a spoiled brat, and  shes hardheaded sometimes. Its difficult for me to handle her, but its no choice shes still  my daughter and she needs me.  Everytime she makes a mistake and i talked to her in the end  i am the one wrong. Our conversation ended with nothing and she’s not listening to me and she never admit her mistake. She always make me sad in this setuation. I always try to become a good mother to her but i dont know what’s my fault.  I love my daughter so much. I give everything she wanted. I  think  this is my big mistake to spoil her when shes still young.  Anyway im still her mother whatever happen i love my daughter and i need to take care of her. I always pray that everything will be ok with my daughter and she realize her mistake.

Happy graduation my child. Mama love you so much. Still proud of you.


the bride and the groom

February 29  wednesday is my cousin wedding. Congratulations Bru, i wish all the best for you and your husband. See you all there on your wedding day. I am so   excited  to see u and witness your marraige,  its been 3 yrs never seen you and also our relatives there in the  province. God Bless Us All

                                                                                                             The Bride (cousin Marivic) and the Groom (John Co)