Unforgettable Date

Unforgettable Date…

Today 6th January  this date is unforgettable and memorable to me. Me and my husband joined our hands together and  we  exchange vows and “YES OR  I WILL” answered as we received the sacrament of marriage. Yes 6th January 1998 our wedding day and supposed to be today is our 18th wedding anniversary. Lol.

Will the story behind this marriage is……

I can say I am not lucky to my marriage but happily separated for 14 years.  After marriage we live together as husband and wife only for four years. That’s all lol.

 I know we have different lives now, He continue his life with his second family and me and our daughter were both happy too.

Sometimes it is better to separate than to sacrifice both of us. If we live together but we always have argument everyday that is not really good and it’s unfair to both of us.


wedding anniversary

Today is the unforgettable day for me. Remembering my wedding anniversary lol. Yes even I am now separated I still remembered the day when I say I do or I get married to my ex- husband. I am 11 years happily separated actually.

Anyways even I am single again I am happy now with my life. I am more happy now If I compared before when we still together. But I still thank you my beloved ex because you give me a beautiful and smart daughter and I really love her. I know how hard being a mother and father to her but this is my obligation and I do everything to make my daughter happy.

To those who celebrated their anniversary today happy anniversary, lets give them a toss. Happy sunday to all.