A valentine’s message from my daughter

February is the love month, yes we celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February. What is the meaning of valentines to you? What do you remember about Valentine ’s Day? What is your plan? And the interesting here is did you received special present from your love ones?

By the way for me Valentines is memorable and exciting aside from we celebrate the day of the hearts, I remembered the 3 red roses  that I received from my daughter 3 years ago. She is so sweet. I still remembered what she wrote her message to me that made me cry. Here’s the message:


Happy Valentines Day,

I love you today, tomorrow and forever.

Valentine’s day is only a heart day but my love for you is every day.

Your loving daughter,


Happy Happy  Valentine’s Day to all. We always enjoy our life with our love ones especially to our family. Not only this Valentine’s Day but every day.


another gifts

Oh how lovely its another gifts from my officemates. A chocolate flower plus a teddy bear with heart shape dimsum buns. Im am so touch  how sweet they are. Happy Valetines to my officemates Alvin and Allan I really appricate all the presents that you give this hearts day. Your really surprised me.

A chocolate flower from Allan ( thank you so much Allna for this lovely gift)


thank you for this lovely teddy bear and heart shape buns from Alvin you make my day complete guys.


Vault bank

February 14 is a valentines day, and one fo my friend getting married on that day, oh its double celebration lol. So im getting crazy  looking for the best gift I can give to them. A wedding gift that has meaning to that couple. I decided to give them the Personalized Vault Bank since the bride  loves  to collect coins  and I know  she really like the have her owned personalized  vault bank in thier new apartment. I know they deserve to have it and  Iwould be happy for them. My best wishes both of them.