my nephew’s turn to blog

One of my nephew (CARL ERIC), my sister son is living with me  (is now my adopted son). He lived with me for how many years already. I always introduce him that he’s my eldest son.  I help him to study in college he’s now graduating taking up Computer Technology. I have 2  graduating children my daughter and my son Eric.  But  Eric  still continue his course taking up  Computer Engineering. So after he graduate in 2 yrs course he go back to school and he’s now in 3rd year college.  Not bad beside I am lucky because hes a good student had good grade in school  and he really want to finish his course and to get a good job local or international. I am happy that atleast i can help my nephew plus my sister. Wish all the best to my nephew. Here are some of his photos with hes sister and my daughter.

My nephew Eric and sister Mara

Eric and my daughter

Eric, Shin & Mara