thank you wordpress

Its been 3 years that I am blogging here,  From the bottom of my heart, Thank you WordPress and to all bloggers. Hope you always joinmydailylife. God Bless Us All!


my thank you

First, I wanna thank you to my Dear Nanay Mean who greeted me early morning a Happy Mothers Day. Nanay thank you so much I am so touch and happy that even you are far and we dont see each other  for a long time you still remember me. Nanay thank for everything for the love, and for the support that you always shared with me, You and Marian. We love you Nay , and Happy Happy Mothers Day to you also. The Lord Always Blessed you. Hope to see you again soon Nay. I always pray that you always in good health.

My Nanay Mean and  Marian

Second, thank you also to my daughter who texted  and called me to greet me a happy mothers day also. I am proud that your my daughter. I love you so much and please take care there and be good always. Mama will go home soon to see you. I love you and I missed you little brat girl.

my daughter