Hyper Thyroid

It’s has been a long period that I never check and online to my blog. I get sick since February this year. I was in and out in the hospital. All I know I only have hypertension attack almost every month I encountered that my blood pressure shoot up with palpitations. There are instances that even when I sleep in the middle of the night I woke up with palpitation’s and I fell nervous, and my body is very weak, until my blood pressure go up. I encountered this every week for how many months, every time I go to hospital for follow up the  MD always told me that I have  anxiety attack. They always advise me to relax they don’t give me any medicines.  I only  take my maintenance for the hypertension. They always advise me to relax and avoid any problem. I know that I do not have major problem so why I have anxiety that is my question to myself.

Last month September I cannot handle myself anymore. I have headache,  tremor and my palpitations. I change my Doctor then she advised me for blood chemistry thyroid function test and neck ultrasound. She found out that I have Hyper Thyroid that is causing me for my palpitations, tremor, headache, panic attack and other signs of Hyper Thyroid.

I thank God, that I recovered now, I still continue my medications and my monthly follow up  my Doctor.

God is good I know he always there to help me and heal me.

Have a blessed October month to all. I missed reading and blogging.