message from the heart

How luck y I am that I have a daughter who really love me so much.  I received emailed to my Unica Hija (Shin-Shin)  greeted me advance happy mother’s day. She said she wanted to make sure that she’s the first one who greet me a advance mother’s day.  Oh so sweet  I am so touch and happy. Thank you my sweetheart for this wonderful gift that you send to me. Mama will always love you forever.



happy mother’s day

Happy mothers day to my mama, even though shes already passed away 8 yrs ago. I missed you mama. I wish you still here with us. Thank you so much for your unconditional love, taking care of my daughter when you still with us. You always have patience with me everytime I encounter problem. You always adivse me that i never give up and you always told me its only a challenge all the problems that  i encounter. I really missed your love and adivse mama. Even you are not with us now, we always love you I know your happy now with our Lord.

Happy Happy Mothers Day I am proud that your my mother. I love you and missed you so much.

And to all mothers out there, Happy Happy Mothers Day to all of us.