welcome back

Welcome back my dear lovely Joan. Its been a year after the last time I posted you in my blog. Joan is my officemate but she resigned a year ago  because of her condition she’s fighting of bone  cancer. She is a good officemate she work hard and she never complain. A happy person you cannot see that she has a big problem to her health before.

 But we thank God because of all our prayers she finally recovered. And her doctor announced that she is now fit to work and she can go back for work anytime. We all happy with the results after all the trials to her life she’s very strong woman and she never give up whatever pain she encounter.

Today is her first day again at work. We welcome you dearly Joan. We are one big happy family again.Cheers…I Know God is good we always thank and praise him. God bless you.

                                                          lovely face of Joan


new photo today welcome back Jo



thermal breast imaging

My friend Kate, is her schedule for thermal breast imaging tomorrow. And as per my research thermal imaging is the screening for breast cancer that you cannot experience any pain not like the mammography.

I’m worried to her because she opened to me last week about her problem, for the past two months she felt something on her right breast. And its not normal to her to fell the pain and the changes of her right breast. After she opened to me  I push her to do the thermal imaging so that early as possible we know the result and she can prepare. Oh as her best friend I, always with her to support her emotonally and spiritually.

We both hoping and praying that the result tomorrow is clear and no symptoms for C. Have a happy weekend everyone. May god bless us all.