Hyper Thyroid

It’s has been a long period that I never check and online to my blog. I get sick since February this year. I was in and out in the hospital. All I know I only have hypertension attack almost every month I encountered that my blood pressure shoot up with palpitations. There are instances that even when I sleep in the middle of the night I woke up with palpitation’s and I fell nervous, and my body is very weak, until my blood pressure go up. I encountered this every week for how many months, every time I go to hospital for follow up the  MD always told me that I have  anxiety attack. They always advise me to relax they don’t give me any medicines.  I only  take my maintenance for the hypertension. They always advise me to relax and avoid any problem. I know that I do not have major problem so why I have anxiety that is my question to myself.

Last month September I cannot handle myself anymore. I have headache,  tremor and my palpitations. I change my Doctor then she advised me for blood chemistry thyroid function test and neck ultrasound. She found out that I have Hyper Thyroid that is causing me for my palpitations, tremor, headache, panic attack and other signs of Hyper Thyroid.

I thank God, that I recovered now, I still continue my medications and my monthly follow up  my Doctor.

God is good I know he always there to help me and heal me.

Have a blessed October month to all. I missed reading and blogging.


PMS attack!

Again and again I encountered trouble sleeping or insomnia attack, plus stomach pain, back pain, upset, anger,  oh! Lord, this is what I feel right now before my period,  the premenstrual syndrome (PMS) attack. Its hard for me to manage my premenstrual syndrome, for the past 2 months I visited my doctor because I felt that I am really sick I cannot explain the pain or my feelings every time that I have my PMS. Hopefully by the next month I will be okay I can handle PMS before my period.

Happy Thursday to all!

my daughter suffering of gastroenteritis

My daughter, is in pain due to gastroenteritis she was confined in hospital for three days. Last Thursday night when my sister called me that my daughter is not felling good because of stomach pain.

Since I am far to my daughter, I only have communication through the phone. I thought she is already ok since when I called her she said she’s already fine so I fell comfortable here.  But late  night when I was in bed my sister called me and informed me that my daughter rushed to hospital because of her condition. Oh my goodness it kills me to know that, I don’t know what do to. I want to cry, I want to do something I want to help my daughter oh my  so  after my conversation to my sister I go home to province to see my daughter.

Its really difficult that we far each other but we need to sacrifice. I love you my darling and please don’t eat jumping salad again its not good to your health. Always take care of yourself and I love you so much. Go back to school and be good girl always.

welcome back

Welcome back my dear lovely Joan. Its been a year after the last time I posted you in my blog. Joan is my officemate but she resigned a year ago  because of her condition she’s fighting of bone  cancer. She is a good officemate she work hard and she never complain. A happy person you cannot see that she has a big problem to her health before.

 But we thank God because of all our prayers she finally recovered. And her doctor announced that she is now fit to work and she can go back for work anytime. We all happy with the results after all the trials to her life she’s very strong woman and she never give up whatever pain she encounter.

Today is her first day again at work. We welcome you dearly Joan. We are one big happy family again.Cheers…I Know God is good we always thank and praise him. God bless you.

                                                          lovely face of Joan


new photo today welcome back Jo


healing mass

Yesterday morning is my second time attended healing mass at Buklod ng Pag-Ibig by  Fr. Joey Faller. I felt so blessed and healed and every time I attended the healing mass or even the regular mass every Sunday I can’t stop myself not to cry especially if I started to pray and ask forgiveness and ask favour to our Dear Lord Almighty. I experienced in the healing mass while Fr. Joey healed blessed us  I really felt the presence of the Lord and to accept him in my body to cleanse all my sins and illness. Of course I have so much things I asked for him and I know and believe all my wishes  was already granted my illness already healed. I am really  happy, blessed and thank you for  this opportunity and  next month I will attend again the healing mass.
Have a blessed Wednesday everyone. 

there’s always next time

Its already new year, as part of my new years wishes is to enroll in yoga class or to start  my  diet program. So last monday is my first day of diet but sad to say that in my second day  yesterday I break my diet program  because of the managers meeting  I cannot stop myself not to eat healthy food again. Really bad theres always next time. I guess i need totally strict myself to start my diet and no more excuses and no more next time. 

Have a blessed wednesday to all.