life of my teenager daughter

The most difficult part of parents is if our children is in the stage being teenager.  My one and only daughter is now 14 yrs old. As a mother or being a single mom, its been difficult for me, no one can help me  to make a decision or to give  advice to her. I know she’s not listening to me sometimes. (I guess parents needs discipline)

The number one problem I encounter now to my daughter is she always late going home at night. We set a time that this time she need to be back home, but  even I give her a curfew,    she always extend her time  and so many alibi. (oh headache)

Other thing is being computer addiction  no chance that you can talk to her if she’s busy  infront of her computer. Even how many times I called her  to eat, or ask her to make her assignment first in school still nothing happen. Beside she answer me “later mom im still busy here” Always busy on FB and other sites playing.

That’s the only two major things that I encounter to my teenager.

With you guys any problems you encounter with your teenager?