daughter’s graduation

Tomorrow wednesday, March 28, 2012 is a big day of my daughter, her graduation day in elementary. As a mother I am happy that my daughter graduate and finished her elementary level.

Yes i admit that my daughter, is a spoiled brat, and  shes hardheaded sometimes. Its difficult for me to handle her, but its no choice shes still  my daughter and she needs me.  Everytime she makes a mistake and i talked to her in the end  i am the one wrong. Our conversation ended with nothing and she’s not listening to me and she never admit her mistake. She always make me sad in this setuation. I always try to become a good mother to her but i dont know what’s my fault.  I love my daughter so much. I give everything she wanted. I  think  this is my big mistake to spoil her when shes still young.  Anyway im still her mother whatever happen i love my daughter and i need to take care of her. I always pray that everything will be ok with my daughter and she realize her mistake.

Happy graduation my child. Mama love you so much. Still proud of you.