there’s always next time

Its already new year, as part of my new years wishes is to enroll in yoga class or to start  my  diet program. So last monday is my first day of diet but sad to say that in my second day  yesterday I break my diet program  because of the managers meeting  I cannot stop myself not to eat healthy food again. Really bad theres always next time. I guess i need totally strict myself to start my diet and no more excuses and no more next time. 

Have a blessed wednesday to all.


yoga in the beach

Its another experienced, another fun and  I love it so much. Yes first time to experience  Yoga in the beach and we know that Yoga is one of the popular fitness around the world.  During our stayed in the beach after our breakfast our boss, Kate and I, decided to have yoga in the beach instead of jogging.  Kate and I were not prepared with our yoga shirt so maybe next time we wear yoga jeans so that we are more comfortable. Im looking forward by next year to enroll and join  them for yoga, to lose more weight and healthy living.

Some of our unforgettable photos and unforgettable experience!





yoga mat

Yoga is one of the best workout in the world. This is a physical exercise to train our body, our mind and breath. I have friend of mine attended yoga every other day so i decided to buy her  a Stott Pilates Hot Yoga Plus Mat as my present to her. I know she can use this everytime she attend the yoga. I really want to attend this yoga class also but  possible I start to join my friend by next year I want to lose more weight. Happy friday everyone.