Thank you

Unexpected present from the boss.

Christmas holidays are over, but i still received a present from our boss. It was a very blessings Friday to me. Two beautiful bag Leopard color and  and my favorite color red.

Super duper thank you Ma’am.


have a great monday

Its Monday once again and I’m at work and enjoying my lunch while reading blog. Its a normal Monday morning to me since I don’t have boss she’s out of town. Yepeey if the cats away the mice will play lol. It looks I am the cat and my boss is the mice hehehe.  Anyway I love my Monday no pressure and I don’t have pending work that’s why I have a great Monday. How was your Monday guys? Have a blessed day everyone.

one big happy family

December 2, 2012 is our President’s birhtday. She’s my boss for 12 years now. I can say that she’s a good boss, loving, down to earth and religious person.  A perfect boss. Since everything she can afford to buy my officemates and I decided to be  a creative so we make a photos that all of us in Head Office are here. In this way we make her happy. We know that this is simple present to her but full of love. and we are “One Big Happy Family”. I want to thank you all my officemates for their participation to give me their photos so that i make this kind and unique gift to our beloved boss. More blessing and more birthday’s to you maam Mabuhay. And we love you.