yoga in the beach

Its another experienced, another fun and  I love it so much. Yes first time to experience  Yoga in the beach and we know that Yoga is one of the popular fitness around the world.  During our stayed in the beach after our breakfast our boss, Kate and I, decided to have yoga in the beach instead of jogging.  Kate and I were not prepared with our yoga shirt so maybe next time we wear yoga jeans so that we are more comfortable. Im looking forward by next year to enroll and join  them for yoga, to lose more weight and healthy living.

Some of our unforgettable photos and unforgettable experience!






Island hopping

One of the tourist spot in the Philippines is the Hundred Islands in pangasinan. Last month we have island hopping in hundred island and other beach resorts in bolinao. sharing some of our photos in hundred islands and also in bolinao.


Hundred Island Photos

DSCN2417 DSCN2428



Bolinao Enchanted Cave Photo


Bolinao Beach



sky lantern at the beach

We have so much fun during our last trip to La Union we stayed at Sunset Bay Resort and we have so much activity as I mentioned to my previous post at day time we do volley ball, touch ball and we try the yoga in the beach.

 During our last night stayed there we go to beach for sky flying lanterns. So cute and we have fun watching  while go up and of course I believe that if you wish and your wish come true so I make a wish lol.

I love this paper lantern it is very safe to use if I compare to other fireworks. I really enjoyed i want to experience this again soon.

Our photos: