A valentine’s message from my daughter

February is the love month, yes we celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February. What is the meaning of valentines to you? What do you remember about Valentine ’s Day? What is your plan? And the interesting here is did you received special present from your love ones?

By the way for me Valentines is memorable and exciting aside from we celebrate the day of the hearts, I remembered the 3 red roses  that I received from my daughter 3 years ago. She is so sweet. I still remembered what she wrote her message to me that made me cry. Here’s the message:


Happy Valentines Day,

I love you today, tomorrow and forever.

Valentine’s day is only a heart day but my love for you is every day.

Your loving daughter,


Happy Happy  Valentine’s Day to all. We always enjoy our life with our love ones especially to our family. Not only this Valentine’s Day but every day.


tinkerbell birthday party

Late posted the tinkerbell 1st birthday party of our  Little girl Prescious Faith Ferrer,( last 24th of October). She is our little angel,the daughter of my best friend. I wish I was a kid  and I love to experienced this first birthday party. My little Prescious Mama Pan and your Tita will always love you.

           Prescious Invitation


Prescious Tinkerbell Custome



Birthday Cake


Prescious with Mama and Clown


I missed my Daughter

My teenager princess, is back to province last week. I am really sad that my daughter is far with me again, but we need to be patience to each other she needs to go back and study there. I cannot stop myself not to cry when I send her to Bus Station. It really kills me but I need to be strong and control myself for crying because I don’t want that my daughter saw me sad and cried.

I missed you so much. My darling, please always listen to Mama and study hard I cant wait to see you again next month. Mama loves you so much.

Many faces of my daughter Shin-Shin





5 things to do before start my work

Its wednesday once again its back to work. Its a normal day  as usual at work. And of course I always have 30 minutes commercial  before  I start my work lol. Early morning break lol.

Anyway here’s my 5 things list I do before I start my long day work.

1. Open my computer first  to check my multiple account Fb,Twitter, personal email, company website, blog, yahoo messenger this are all open one at a time lol  update my blog send likes and comments. ( I can’t wait to continue reading during my noon break)

2. Re-touch to make me beautiful lol, i have my lipstick, make up, foundation  I cannot start my day without my beauty kit with me. ( i guess all girls do this in the office)

3. Call and talk to my daughter atleast 5 minutes hearing my daughter’s voice and to know thas she’s ok it makes me happy.

4. Coffee I need caffaine to give me energy

5. Pray  before start my work

Now I am  ready  start  my work with good vibes.

You guys what keeps you busy before you start your work.


surprised gift

What a surprised gift to me this valentines day. I thought I could not received any presents since I am still single and ready to mingle lol. First i received a call to my loving daughter to greet me a happy valetines day. Oh how lovely i felt that I am inlove again hehehehe. Second surprised when I saw a gift chocolate boquet with heart shape ballon in my table from my officemate. Oh  how sweet and I love it so much. My day is already complete I am so happy.






personalized giveaways

Since my daughter’s birthday is coming she is very excited and pretty busy now to look for her birthday giveaways. She is searching online and she wanted to have personalized giveaways which is I agree also. She is looking for personalized thumbler . I love her idea and the thumbler is nice plus the price is affordable. She is turning 15 years old this coming March and she is more matured and responsible daughter. I am proud mom always.