working lunch

We honor the  one hour break in the office sometimes more than an hour. Last Friday we had working lunch with my officemates . I fell the freedom and I refresh myself from stress lol.



blind date

Having a blind date is something funny, weird,exciting and romantic thats the exact meaning for me lol. If we say blind date its a date for someone that we never ever met before, oh sounds good I am excited but wait  I am not the one with having a blind date.  Anyway  my classmate in high school  I set up for blind date  with my officemate also. I know them both but of course they dont know each other. There having blind date tomorrow night.  My friend is still single actually they are both single  ready to mingle lol. Hoping this date will work with them together with a happy ending. I never experienced this blind date before that’s why I am excited for them.

bonding at chinatown



Yesterday we visited one of our store branch at Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo Manila. Like others  im attracted with the money tree outside the chinatown walk, many shoppers, chinese and non chinese having chance to take photos and some of them put money in the red envelope or ang pao hanging in the tree  and they make a wishes. Oh i make my wish too and take some photos with my officemates.  I have so much fun with my officemates if we work on field because we have chance to have bonding after our work.

          Money tree


         me and our store supervisor



make wishes while holding the red envelope (ang pao)


     its more fun with alvin in bicycle


Lunch together

This is one of the memorable lunch date with my officemates. Yes we decided to have lunch together since this is our last day in the office for this year 2012. It is very rare that we have bonding and lunch together outside if no ocassion . We go back to work again after new year so we enjoy our lunch  date at Tramway Garden Buffet, the food are good and the price is affordable.Thank you my dear officemates for this great lunch .  Have a Happy Weekend everyone and Happy New Year to all.






one big happy family

December 2, 2012 is our President’s birhtday. She’s my boss for 12 years now. I can say that she’s a good boss, loving, down to earth and religious person.  A perfect boss. Since everything she can afford to buy my officemates and I decided to be  a creative so we make a photos that all of us in Head Office are here. In this way we make her happy. We know that this is simple present to her but full of love. and we are “One Big Happy Family”. I want to thank you all my officemates for their participation to give me their photos so that i make this kind and unique gift to our beloved boss. More blessing and more birthday’s to you maam Mabuhay. And we love you.


my christmas gift

There are only a few days left before Christmas and it makes me crazy thinking what is the best gift I can give to my officemates. Last night, I started to shop what is the possible gift I can give to them.  A gift that is affordable to my budget also. I choose the set of Stainless Spoon, Fork and chopstick in pouch. I am sure my officemates will like this because most of us having lunch together in the office.