mother and daughter relationship!

I am far with my daughter because at this time she still living and studying in the province with my sister. This is a very difficult decision I ever made a few years ago. We both need to adjust because I need to work for her future also. But the consolation is even we far to each other our relationship as mother and daughter is always there. We have a good relationship. Even I am far I’m still her mother that she can talk any time if she need something spiritually, emotionally, and of course my attention my support and my love is always with my daughter what ever happen.

Our daily routine is texting and calling each other. I cannot express my happiness every time I received a good morning text from my daughter. My daughter is always my inspiration. I love you my lil girl. I am so proud of you.


my daughter suffering of gastroenteritis

My daughter, is in pain due to gastroenteritis she was confined in hospital for three days. Last Thursday night when my sister called me that my daughter is not felling good because of stomach pain.

Since I am far to my daughter, I only have communication through the phone. I thought she is already ok since when I called her she said she’s already fine so I fell comfortable here.  But late  night when I was in bed my sister called me and informed me that my daughter rushed to hospital because of her condition. Oh my goodness it kills me to know that, I don’t know what do to. I want to cry, I want to do something I want to help my daughter oh my  so  after my conversation to my sister I go home to province to see my daughter.

Its really difficult that we far each other but we need to sacrifice. I love you my darling and please don’t eat jumping salad again its not good to your health. Always take care of yourself and I love you so much. Go back to school and be good girl always.

I missed my Daughter

My teenager princess, is back to province last week. I am really sad that my daughter is far with me again, but we need to be patience to each other she needs to go back and study there. I cannot stop myself not to cry when I send her to Bus Station. It really kills me but I need to be strong and control myself for crying because I don’t want that my daughter saw me sad and cried.

I missed you so much. My darling, please always listen to Mama and study hard I cant wait to see you again next month. Mama loves you so much.

Many faces of my daughter Shin-Shin





message from the heart

How luck y I am that I have a daughter who really love me so much.  I received emailed to my Unica Hija (Shin-Shin)  greeted me advance happy mother’s day. She said she wanted to make sure that she’s the first one who greet me a advance mother’s day.  Oh so sweet  I am so touch and happy. Thank you my sweetheart for this wonderful gift that you send to me. Mama will always love you forever.


daughter’s ambition

We have a good conversation to my daughter last night. We talked about what she wanted to be in college or what course she want to get in college. First I want my daughter, to become a good registered nurse someday. But when I asked her, if she wanted to become a nurse she answered me “NO MAMA” oh sad I thought she answered me with  big YES hehehehe. She said she wanted to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering. Oh my, I asked her why she choose that course and she said she loves to study about the zoology and plants.

In our family relatives I have nephew and niece with the same degree so what can I say? Will whatever she want I always support her. I love her and I always proud mama to my daughter.

i missed my princess

My daughter, is coming with me next week she stay here untill first week of June or before she go back to school. She is now second year high school this coming school year.

I am excited that at least we have bonding together this summer after my work in the office or during weekend. I really missed her so much. I missed that we eat together, we watched movie together we laugh together. I know its difficult both of us that we did not live together but I know she is smart and she understand my reason why I want her to study  in the province. She is living to my sister but this is only temporary. And course as a mother I know my obligation to her. I always  visited her time to time as a mother my role is always there and whatever she need as long as I can afford to give I give  to her,  financially, emotionally and spiritually.

Since she’s coming here with me I am excited and I bought  her shades, clothes and other accessories she can use while shes here with me. This are her favorites shorts and t-shirt. I know she will be happy. Mama will always love you and I missed you my dear princess. I cant wait to hug you tight like when you still a baby. Anyway you still my only one baby.



celphone watch

My daughter is turning 15th next month and Im looking for the best gift I can give to her. Yesterday she called me and told me her old watch is not working anymore so right after our  conversation I decided to check online what is  the best watch I can give to her   as my present on her birthday.  I love the the new sony celphone watch this is so cute. I want to buy this to her  because she can read email, sms and also display and update her  facebook and twitter plus you can see the number of incoming calls awesome. I am sure she like this watch and I am happy and excited to have this one for my daughter.