red eyes

I woke up with red eyes  it is tearing and discharging and swollen my eyelid. I dont know if i have sore eyes, oh my,  it itching my eyes. This is my first time to have sore eyes i feel the pain. My eyes is blurry i cannot see i dont know if this is bacterial infection or what.

I know anyone can get sore eyes specially this summer the weather is hot.  I hope in 1 or 2 days my eyes is ok again.  I cannot work  I know they dont allow me to go to office because of my eyes.  Or think i  need to wear summer  dark sun glasses to cover my eyes and i wont tell them i have red eyes. Anyone can suggest what is the best medicine of sore eyes.


daughter’s graduation

My daughter’s graduation is coming. Her graduation will be this coming 27th of March 2012 three weeks from now. As a mother (proud mama) I am happy that atleast my daughter receive her grade school diploma soon.  But at her age she is already late to graduate in elementary and she’s turning 14 yrs old this coming March 21.  Oh better late than never as i mention to my other post that she encounter late depression, and trauma  thats why she stop study for 1 year. Still happy she finished her first chapter of her school life. Next shes now in high school and I know high school life had fun but more difficult to handle her again. As her mother I always stay with her whatever happen. Lately she ask me what is my graduation present to her. Oh my, she really wants to have new piano the Yamaha YUS Series  i am sure shes is very happy to play this piano. When she’s in grade 3 and 4 every summer she had piano lesson. And   I want to buy her own piano as my present to her. Congratulations child happy graduation to you and mama always proud of you.