good things happened and blessing i received this year

Year 2012 is almost end few more hours and we are celebrate the coming year 2013 and I know most of the families are busy now preparing food for new years eve. Im still thinking some good things and blessings that I received or happened to my life this year.

One of the blessings that i received this year  is last April 2012 when  I take out my housing loan my dream house.  And after a month I already moved in to my dream house.

Another blessing to my family when my nephew graduated in college for 2 years course. With my help he graduated last April.  But now he still  continue 5 years course Bachelor of Computer Engineering.

And the last one I remembered now is to create this blog and to share my dailylife.

This are the things and  blessing happened to me this year but I know so many things and blessings but I cant remember all. I have ups and down also maybe I can share to my next post.

Now let us welcome and  celebrate new year with peace, love and happiness.